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Highest performance grinding oil
MOTOREX SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT is a grinding oil, which is light, free of chlorine and aroma. It distinguishes itself with an extraordinary cooling and flushing effect, which is optimal when the grinding process involves large quantities of material and heavy cuts.

Due to a specially chosen combination of additives, minimal oil mist formation develops during the grinding process with SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT. Due to its flushing and wetting capabilities, the grinding wheels remain sharp and abrasive.

  • excellent cooling effect
  • Extremely low oil mist formation
  • Odour free
  • Excellent filterability
  • Gentle on skin
  • Light colour
Swisscool Motorex Tresor

Cooling lubricant free of boric for grinding
SWISSGRIND ZOOM AQUA is a fully synthetic, boric acid free cooling lubricant for grinding. It particularly excels due to its above-average anti-corrosion properties, while leaving no sticky residues. It also has a very good wetting and rinsing effect..
  • Free of boric
  • No sticky residues
  • Optimal scavenging action
  • Above- average corrosion protection
  • Complies with TRGS 611 technical regulation for hazardous materials
Swisscool Motorex Tresor

Water-miscible lubricant coolant for grinding carbide
SWISSGRIND ZOOM AQUA HM is a water-miscible lubricant coolant free from mineral oil, chlorine, nitrite and zinc. Mixed with water it provides a transparent, water- clear solution. SWISSGRIND ZOOM AQUA HM gives good corrosion protection, is extremely low frothing, does not leave sticky residues and provides good netting and scavenging action. It is very mild to the skin thanks to the careful selection and combination of its ingredients .
  • Free of chlorine, nitrite and zinc
  • No cobalt wash out
  • Very stable solution
  • Gentle to the skin
Swisscool Motorex Tresor
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